Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Folder without Name in WINDOWS..

Hey all...did you ever try to create or creating a folder without a name/[blank] in windows.....sounds weird huh...??
itz easy like yawning in office hours..;)...just right click and create a new folder in your windows OS and type the name using ALT + 0160 key combination on your keyboard...and here is the MAGIC.. "Click on the image for a Clear View"

Whats Behind...its just the ASCII you are entering with your keyboard....SIMPLE Rite ??

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gone Phishing

The concept of targeted threats is easily illustrated in the spam and phishing threats.
Phishing is used to determine screen names and then sent fake e-mail messages to the screen names to confirm password information. Once they had access to your accounts, they'd perform "other" actions from the inappropriately accessed accounts, keeping their own identity masked.

Phishing today has evolved to a more targeted technique sometimes referred to as "spear phishing," which is an analogy to the sport of fishing.

The term "phishing" makes reference to fishing in the open water, uncertain as to whether any victims are actually there; spearfishing is more focused on spearing fish in shallow waters. This is exactly how threats in 2007 will become increasingly dangerous. Instead of targeting an entire list of e-mail addresses, hackers will be able to target individuals and try to gain access through focused efforts.

Contextually crafted e-mails that sound convincing will trap individuals to unsuspectingly download malware and infect their computer and networks.

For example, an e-mail will be sent to all e-mail addresses with the same last name in a particular area code and read: "Respected, We’ve decided to do some maintenance work this weekend, and would like all of you to co operate with us. We’ve send the down-time details. Please check and revert if any inconvenience “Once the individual clicks on the attachment they are infected by targeted malware.

These targeted mails cause users to click on a link that ends up downloading a bot, keystroke logger or screen scraper. So this type of attack will become much more common in 2007.

Hackers can make an attempt on you too. So be cautious not to enter your user name and password into any anonymous web pages and don’t click on any links of anonymous mails and webs too.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

1Gb Mobile DRAM Modules !!

Hey can you imagine1 gigabit (Gb) Mobile DRAM (dynamic random access memory) module for mobile products using 80 nanometer process technology.
The new chip, which is known as low-power DDR (double data rate) or synchronous DRAM, will be used for a range of advanced handset applications, as well as for digital still cameras, portable media players and portable gaming products.
The new 1 Gb Mobile DRAM chip reportedly uses the same packaging technique as the 512 MB double-die stack 1 Gb package, but also introduces a new temperature-sensing feature to reduce power drain in standby mode by 30 percent over conventional memory chip designs.
In addition the new 1 Gb Mobile DRAM chip is at least 20 percent thinner than a multi-stack package of 512 MB dies, allowing a single high-density package solution of 1.5 Gb or even 2 Gb Mobile DRAM memory.